Best Harness Dildos

Harness dildos can be a great addition to any collection of sex toys for the kinkier couple, and here we're going to list some of the best harness dildos out there right now. Whether you're a dom or a sub, one of these harness dildos could seriously spice up your bedroom antics. The great thing about most of the models here is that you can use them with or without a harness, allowing you to get creative in the bedroom and feel sexually liberated like never before!

Take a look at some of the options to consider:


If you're up for a brand new challenge after mastering the Zado Leather Mouth ball gag, this one will help you to turn things up a level or two. With Zado's deluxe leather head harness with detachable double ended dildo, you simply pop the short end in your mouth and the long end wherever you want! Extra features include:

  • Leather strap with metal poppers to attach to dildo
  • Natural latex
  • Can use the dildo as a double ended model when detached from harness

This model is sure to give you mind blowing orgams each and every time, especially when you see your partner wearing it for you! The insertable length is not huge by any means, but it's definitely enough to satisfy a craving. It could be the perfect item for subs who want to please their dom partner. If you want to try something new or surprise your partner, don't hesitate to give this one a go.

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The Vixen Goofella VixSkin is another dildo that feels just like the real thing, with lifelike head, shaft, and balls. The 6 inches it provides may not sound like much, but guarantee satisfaction! Features include:

  • Ultra realistic dual-layered dildo for sensationally natural-feeling pleasure
  • Realistic head and veins enhance internal stimulation
  • Harness compatible for thrilling strap on and pegging fun

If you've been looking for a realistic vibrator but are yet to find the one for you, you should just skip straight to this one - no need to try any other models. It really does have an amazingly real feel that you won't believe while in use.

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This Vixen Mustang Bright dildo is for those who like something a little colorful in the bedroom - it may as well be a real life unicorn. The dildo is dual density and feels truly amazing - plus, when you see the colour of it, you'll be blown away. You'll almost want to keep it on display all the time. Features of this one include:

  • Realistically shaped 7.5 inch silicone dildo with suction cup base for lifelike pleasure
  • Dual density shaft feels just like a real penis
  • Curved shaft stimulates G-spot or P-spot with direct massage
  • Raised head and veins for authenticity
  • Compatible with strap on harnesses
  • suitable for both vaginal and anal play

This dildo has some amazing reviews, and once you've experienced it for yourself, you'll understand why. The original price may seem a little high, but this model is more than worth the money. It's made from silicone and is body-safe, so you don't need to worry about anything going awry when using with friends, partners, or fuckbuddie.

This is truly one of the best harness dildos out there - you'll probably wish you had tried this right away rather than trying out other options first. The only thing you could possibly complain about is the packaging - it doesn't quite match up to the premium feel of the dildo, but that hardly matters once you see what this baby can do. There's no strange smell to worry about either, which can be a worry with other dildos of this type. If you're thinking of taking the plunge, think no more and just go for it. You won't regret it.

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The Doc John Vac-U-Lock strap on set is the perfect toy for those who consider themselves intermediate to advanced. There are 3 different sized and shaped dildos offering an array of sensations, and the full strap-on kit offers everything you need for an in-depth pleasure session. Extra features include:

  • Soft, padded harness for the comfort of the wearer
  • 3 different sized O-rings and 2 attachment plugs
  • Water-based lubricant, toy cleaner and 2 refresher powders

The Ultraskyn real-feel promise of the Doc Johnson set is something that helps to set it apart from other toys of its kind. You won't believe just how real the 'skin' feels! Using this set is just like the real thing, and with the different attachments, you can have something for every mood. The box it comes in is fantastic for storing other sex toys, so you're getting an extra use out of the purchase.

When using this dildo, you are able to choose the size, shape and thrust speed, thrust length and duration of the session so you can have complete control over the session. Although this one may not be for beginners, those who try it will not be disappointed. A great option for advanced users who want something just like the real deal that they have full control over!

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